Black Sesame Seed


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Date posted 13 Mar 2017

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Specification:60%, 90%,99%
Test Method: HPLC
Sesamin--Black Sesame Extract Sesamum indicum L
Sesamin Herb Source 
Sesamum indicum L. Zanthoxylum acanthapodium var. villosum Huang. Piper longum
Molecular Formula and Molecular Weight 
Formula Structures:
Melting Point:122 -123 
Assay: ≥99%
CAS NO.: 607-80-7
Solubility:sesamin Freely soluble in chloroform-benzene-acetic acid and acetone.
Sesamin Pharmacology
Antioxidant: Sesamin helps protect blood vessels by scavenging free radicals and ensuring efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery for healthy brain function.
Decreasing fat storage 
Antihypertensive: Sesamin induces nitric oxide and decreases endothelin-1 production in HUVECs, possible implications for its antihypertensive effect.
Provide liver protection against alcohol and improve liver function:Sesamin is a non-competitive inhibitor of 5-desaturase, It inhibits the conversion of DGLA to arachidonic acid, and consequently decreases the formation of proinflammatory 2-series prostaglandins.
Decrease cholesterol levels, while increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL aka "good cholesterol") levels
Be an anti-inflammatory
Skin problem: The experiments in rats shows that sesamin can inhibit the growth of SC (skin cancer) cell. It can protect skin from UV rays.
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