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Date posted 13 Mar 2017

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Kiwi fruit seed oil information
Kiwi Fruit Seed oil is a fixed triglyceride oil extracted from the seed of the kiwi fruit by means of physical (cold) expression. The crude oil is often dark brown in colour and has a characteristic odour. In order to make the oil suitable for cosmetic and dietary applications, the oil is further refined to yield a lighter coloured, almost odourless product
The key feature of Kiwi oil is its high content of Alpha Linolenic Acid, (ALA), the main Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acid found in plant and fruit seed lipids. It typically contains around 61% ALA which is higher than many of the other conventional oils commercially available (e.g. flax, Camelina, Hemp, walnut)
ALA has a number of functions in human metabolism and is understood to be a pre-cursor in the synthesis of PGE3 series Prostaglandins; these are important anti-inflammatory mediators and key in maintaining healthy skin, muscle and joint flexibility. Kiwi seed oil is a rich dietary source of plant derived Omega 3 fatty acids and is suitable for use in dietary supplements and Healthfood formulations
Furthermore, ALA rich oils have also been shown to have beneficial effects on the skin, particularly in reducing skin redness. Because of its Omega 3 rich profile, Kiwi oil is a very good skin conditioning lipid. In pure form it gives good emollience, relatively quick absorption and an excellent after feel. We recommend Kiwi oil for use in light body oils, skin and scalp conditioning lotions and aftersun creams. We recommend and inclusion rate of >5%.
Body Shower, Shampoo and Rinse,
Lotion and Cream, Aroma therapeutic Oil, Hand and Nail Care, Foot Care, Face Care Products.
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