100% Cotton Dyed 2/1 S Twill


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Location: 95220

Date posted 22 Dec 2016

Price: $ 10

Ad ID: 107201

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Similiar Products100% Cotton Dyed 2/1 S TwillART.NO.Yarn    countDensityWeightWidthColorA-1001 32sx32s130x70159gm/m2  4.69oz/y243/4"Various colors are availableA-101380s/2x80s/2136x92142gm/m2  4.19oz/y257/8"A-1022 40s/2x10s108x54255gm/m2  7.52oz/y258/60"A-1023 20sx30s132x84233gm/m2  6.87oz/y257/8"A-1031 32s/2x8s84x50272gm/m2  8.0oz/y257/8"A-1037 50sx40s155x110144gm/m2  4.25oz/y257/8"A-1039 40sx20s130x76168gm/m2  4.96oz/y257/8"A-1045 60sx40s170x108139gm/m2  4.10oz/y258/60"A-1055 16sx12s98x52273gm/m2  8.05oz/y257/8"A-1062 40sx40s141x112157gm/m2  4.63oz/y258/60"A-1063 50sx40s165x112147gm/m2  4.34oz/y258/60"A-106780s/2x80s/2133x80135gm/m2  3.98oz/y257/8"Special after-finishing, dyeing details,  packing, quality test and so on can be discussed in the inquiry email. url:http://www.mingbangtextiles.com
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