Alternative Therapies For Diabetes

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Date posted 23 Sep 2016

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All patients must learn to test their blood sugar levels at home and adjust their food exercise medication regimens on a daily basis. Parents should assume this responsibility for young children; by age 9 or 10, most youngsters can use a self monitoring device. People with diabetes, especially Diabetes Reducer Review children and teenagers, need emotional support and continual education to accept responsibility for their own care. Joining a group for diabetic patients or sending a child to a diabetes camp can make it easier to cope with the disease. A diabetes diet is similar to the healthful diets now recommended for all Americans: Obtain most of your calories from complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains, and rely less on animal foods for protein. Avoid refined sugars and restrict fat and cholesterol intake to help reduce the risk of heart disease.When diabetes is first diagnosed, you should consult with a registered dietitian to develop meal plans compatible with your tastes and lifestyle, and learn to follow the exchange lists developed by the American Diabetes Association.

These lists provide simple formulas to assure that you get an appropriate number of calories and other nutrients each day. Eventually, you will not need to rely as heavily on them. In fact, with careful self testing, you can learn to increase or decrease your insulin dosage to accommodate an occasional departure from your usual diet. People with diabetes often have poor circulation and are susceptible to skin ulcers, especially on the legs and feet. Fit shoes carefully to avoid corns and other foot problems that can develop into a serious infection. Also keep toenails trimmed. If you have difficulty caring for your feet, see a podiatrist. Carry in your wallet identification indicating that you have diabetes so that you can receive prompt medical care if you are in an accident or have a high or low blood sugar reaction. Also, be alert for signs of an insulin overdose , and carry a source of sugar to use if one occurs. 

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