Grammer And Communication For Children

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Date posted 10 Jan 2017

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Help your child communicate clearly in writing and speaking!

The basic building block to learning and communicating is the written and spoken language. If your child cannot express his thoughts or ideas well, he will be shut off from the fruits of understanding and success in life.

The fundamental of speech and writing, grammar, has always been taught as a complicated, confusing and constricting set of rules that very few people understand.

Until Now

L Ron Hubbard- renowned humanitarian, author and educator- made a breakthrough which enables children to learn grammar, not as a set of classroom rules, but as a subject to use for easily conveying their exact thoughts in spoken and written language.

This revolutionary book contains easy-to-read text and is full of illustrations that make effective communication with grammar simple to understand. With this unique approach, children can gain the ability to communicate their ideas well-something which is vital to preparing them for life. Suitable for children from ages 8 and up.

Don't wait get started today. Get your child on track and give him that self confidence he needs to succeed in school and with his peers. Contact us today!

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