Hatchimals Egg Owlicorn Toy Interactive Target Exclusive


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Location: 97207

Date posted 17 Nov 2016

Price: $ 20

Ad ID: 88652

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A few days ago I found a Hatchimals egg and we were all talking about it for days on end. Come on what child doesn’t like a surprise and this is the ultimate in surprises – a toy but you don’t know what it looks like! It's like a nesting doll, a present within a present.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Hatchimals Egg - A birth certificate - A quick glance color code guide (picture included) - Instructions

Hatchimals is right now the hottest toy for Christmas 2016 and is made by SpinMaster. They are the makers of Paw Patrol so we're assuming that they do know a little about toys.

Currently there are five ‘species’ to choose from – OWLICORN, BURTLE, BEARAKEET, PENGUALAS, DRAGGLES some are only sold at certain stores.

Walmart Exclusive / Burtle / Purple or Aqua
Target Exclusive / Bearakeet / Pink or Black
Toys R Us Exclusive / Owlicorn / Pink or Blue
Draggle / Green or Blue
Draggle / Blue or Purple
Pengula / Teal or Pink
Pengula / Pink or Red

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