IN OUR IMAGE: After Our Likeness


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Date posted 01 Jan 2017

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Ever wondered what the Bible meant when it said that in the last days the world would be deceived by “All Signs and Lying Wonders?” From this we could surmise that regardless of what we have seen already in history, it will get so deceptive that it could fool almost anyone. And the stuff done seems endless.

If you were an AMERICAN and a powerful Prophet who loved your country in the last days, would you care about being treated like Phil Robertson when you spoke the truth? Check out this 20 minute Episode of the 8 CD set, 10 hr "In our Image" audio Drama. End time Prophet Thomas Hankins must deal with all power signs and LYING WONDERS of those empowered by Satan who are into enhanced vampirism and Lycanthropic activity. If you know much about this audio presentation, you know that Hankins is presented as a very spiritually powerful man. Yet he has to overcome personal problems like us all. In his case, it is his ex wife whom he has never given up on. Now he finds himself in a catch 22 situation.

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