Ice Cream Cup


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Location: 95220

Date posted 05 Dec 2016

Price: $ 10

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coffee paper cup Spe.(+/-0.5mm) material Reference Packing carton size(mm) QTY of 40HQ (+/-5%g)Pcs/ bagPcs/carton7oz topφ:72.5SIDE: 210g+18gPE1002000380*305*6301,800,000bottom φ:52.7BOTTOM: 210g+18gPEheight:787.5oz topφ:70SIDE: 230g+18gPE1002500365*365*6351,860,000bottom φ:45.3BOTTOM: 210g+18gPEheight:938oz topφ:80SIDE: 280g+18gPE501000415*335*4301,143,000bottom φ:53BOTTOM: 15g+230g+18gPEheight:9312oz topφ:89.8SIDE: 300g+18gPE 501000465*375*555700,000bottom φ:56.7BOTTOM: 15g+230g+18gPEheight:113.016oz topφ:89.8SIDE: 300g+18gPE 501000465*375*645600,000bottom φ:60.2BOTTOM: 15g+230g+18gPEheight:135.5 url:
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