Recognize a worn out engine


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Date posted 10 Sep 2016

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By utilizing the information in this eBook, you will learn how to...



  • Recognize a worn out engine by the smell of it's exhaust
  • Reveal hidden body repair work using a magnet
  • Spot poor front end alignment by inspecting the tread wear on the front tires
  • Tell if an automatic transmission is worn out by the smell of the transmission fluid
  • Look at the engine oil and tell whether or not the engine has had regular OIL changes
  • Tell if a cooling system has had proper maintenance by looking at the color of the antifreeze/coolant
  • And many more helpful tips and techniques!


As an extra bonus, I've also included...

  • A printable comprehensive, detailed inspection checklist
  • Live links to many of the top used car sales and information web sites
  • A complete automotive glossary of terms

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