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Date posted 19 May 2016

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Let me tell you a story about our revolutionary new Home Media Gateway

Bob and Bill were talking one day about what they would like to do for their parent’s 50th anniversary.  Since their parents had both been born in Poland they thought about maybe flying them back to the old country for some sort of celebration.  Bob said let me check my Warsaw, Poland TV Stations, since I get them as part of my pakage, and see If I can find out when the Poles Celebrate their Independence Day.  Then we can arrange their trip for that time. 

About a week later, Bob called Bill using his Genesys soft phone app on his TV and the Microphone in his Scrybe FlipSyde (Remote).  He Said,”Bill, I’m talking to you over my TV and I found out that the Polish Independence Day is during the 1st week of May.  I flipped over to the TV Station’s App and it showed me a list of all of the events they have in Warsaw for their “4th”.  I looks like the biggest one is on Saturday of that week.  Let me look on the Internet for a good hotel and good price for that week.  It looks like we can get them a “Suite” for 129.95 per day at the Ritz Warsaw!”  Bill jumped in and said, “I didn’t realize you had moved your computer into the living room.”  I didn’t piped up Bob, I’m doing it all through my Nuclius!  Wow, “how do I get one of those”, asked Bill?  Go to my website, I can refer you, chimed in Bob!

Bob called Bill back later in the week and said “Brother, what do they call that Polish breakfast pastry that mom and dad both like?”  “Pirodonuts” answered Bill.  Great, since I have free overseas calling on my Genesys I’ll call the Ritz Warsaw and make sure that’s on their room service menu.  While I’m at it, you know how mom likes to wake up to the sunrise, I’ll make sure they have a view of the sunrise from their hotel window.

Find out how Bob did it all at

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