Trying to conceive a boy or girl? Got many babies of same gender?


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Date posted 04 Dec 2015

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Attention couples, now there’s a new way to conceive a boy or girl. We discovered that just like there are two kinds of sperms, women have two kinds of alternating boy-girl specific menstrual cycles. One cycle is good for conceiving a boy and the other for a girl. If you got multiple babies of same gender, you may be sensitive to conceive in one type of cycle. For example, if you got 2 daughters, chances of getting a 3rd daughter are even higher because you get easily conceived in girl cycles. Same is true for boys. That’s why there are couples with 13 boys or even 15 girls. Now you can plan it. Days of just keep trying are over.

PreGender Preconception test scientifically guides you when to try and when to avoid. That’s the only way you can balance your family. Nothing else will work. No gender diet, no douching, no moon theories, no astrological calculations. All of these are baseless options offered by illiterate money makers.

We are also the earliest in finding the gender of your baby, as early as four days before expected period date.

All tests are done on urine samples, shipped to us my mail from any country. It is legal to ship urine samples across international borders. The samples stay good during transport.

For free consultation, please call toll free at 877 HE OR SHE or 313 574 7500 or google search for PreGender Preconception test or visit


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