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Amazing Tips To Purchase And Build A New Desktop

2021-09-23 21:21   Multimedia   New York City   33 views

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The first thing is first, think about what your needs are today and what they may be tomorrow. Sometimes budget does not allow us to build everything we want. So if you start with the right platform and parts it makes upgrading much easier and more affordable.
The power supply is a very important part of your PC, do not go inexpensive on this. The power supply is the heart of your PC and its job is to provide clean stable power to everything else. If the power supply is incapable of doing that job then you likely just fried hundreds of dollars in parts. Seasonic makes good PSUs
Motherboard. Don't feel like you have to get a $200+ motherboard. IMHO the $250 motherboard provides you almost no real functionality increase over the $150 one, and are more prone to issues/failure. However, the motherboard is the backbone of your PC and you want to make sure it has almost every port and feature you think you will need. If you plan on overclocking then you need a quality board with quality VRMs. Get computer supplies from a reliable Computer Supply Store.
Memory. If going with AMD CPU then get the fastest you can afford. Going with intel than anything faster than what the CPU supports natively will not gain you much of anything if at all. DDR memory is supposed to be in pairs, getting a single kit is the best for performance and reliability; mixing and matching always has the potential for instability.
CPU/GPU. Each need/budget is different and the combination of the two dictates which you should buy. AMD CPUs are better for value, heavy multitasking, simultaneous gaming and streaming, as well as tasks that need many CPU cores like video editing. Intel CPUs are stronger/faster individual cores but less of them. Intel is better for gaming pc and normal home/office pc.
NVIDIA/AMD for GPU is almost preference, they both compete very well with another with them having their pros/cons in very specific things even specific games. NVIDIA does have the better technology for assisting with photo/video editing tasks so if you use Adobe editing software then go with NVIDIA GPU.
Coolers. For your first rig, stick with a good air cooler like cyborg, Noctua, or Coolermasters hyper 212 Evo. The corsair and another all-in-one (AIO) water coolers are not going to make much of a difference. The cooling difference is only a few percent at new. The other problem with these products is that they are sealed and thus as the liquid evaporates you can't refill it. Thus you reduce cooling ability over time and if not careful can overheat your CPU after enough liquid has evaporated.
Assembly - take your time, there are many many youtube videos out there to help you along the way. The largest concern is getting the CPU installed correctly; this is pretty much the only part you could easily break.
ESD - This is both necessary and at the same time overhyped. The floor and the work surface should be not conducive; an area with wood or tile flooring and building it on a wood table or even the cardboard box from the case/motherboard. An anti-static wrist band is not usually necessary but for $10 is a very worthwhile precaution.

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